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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Stream Entire YYY's Album Today Only

What the hell is wrong with you people! You must listen to this again:

Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Let Me Know.mp3

I'm so excited for the new YYY's album. I had heard that they were streaming the whole thing via Myspace, but it didn't work over the weekend. But today it's working and I'm listening and I'm Swooning. I'm only on track two actually so I better roll off the hyperbolesque talk.

For one thing I notice right off is that "Let Me Know" isn't on the album. I'm listening to this song once an hour for the last week! "Callin' Love's agonna let me know-whoa" The YYY's first album is still in my "BestOfBest" playlist and I hope this one is half as good because then it'll still be better than most of the albums that have come out so far this year.

Also, real quick, Stellastarr is coming to the Norva!!!! I couldn't believe how good Stellastarr's second album was. Their first being so awesome too should make one nice show. I'm not buying tickets yet until I know if my niece is out of the womb yet. I might have to head up to West Point to visit the newborn and family that weekend!

So, anywho, don't stop till you get enough. Stream Entire YYY's Today Only:


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