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Monday, March 27, 2006

Mind Your Own Business, Firetrucks, and Rhapsody-to-go tale.

This is my new favorite dancing-in-the-shower song. Whoops, maybe that visual will sour you on the song (but that's your problem idn't it?):

Delta 5 - Mind Your Own Business

Also, the new Yeah Yeah Yeahs album "Show Your Bones" is not released until tomorrow, BUT However Also, it's available on Rhapsody Player right now! Very cool perk. I'm transferring it to my Creative Zen Micro as we, err me, speaks types.

The Rhapsody-to-go service is the coolest thing ever next to that Niji Waterbrush pen I talked about the other day.

But the Windows DRM security stuff is buggy. In fact, if I didn't have my 4 years of college computer courses and 5 years of computer job experience, I would have never figured out how to even upgrade the "Plays-for-sure" firmware on this Zen Micro to allow the Rhapsody-to-go service to work. Then! after the nightmare of "Plays-for-sure" upgrades, I suffered the indignity of trying to actually transfer subscrition music to this thing. Nope. After much "No License to Play Track" messages, I had to run a Windows Media Player update.

Of course, that didn't fix my problems either. I had already downloaded subscription tracks to my computer from before I upgraded to Rhapsody-to-go. So I had to delete all of those, and re-download all of those songs, and then they finally transferred to the player.

And everything is fine...until. Until the first month is up and I have to re-sync the Creative Zen with Rhapsody. Sounds good, but it syncs all downloaded music regardless if you transferred it to your player. I can't just update the license on the music that is there. So since I had imported non-subscription Christmas songs into Rhapsody, I had to go through my Zen and delete them as a separate step from the syncing. Whew!

Anyway, that's my tale. Now that I've figured it out, it'll be easy from here on out. I'm still listen to so much music that subscription services are a great value to me (especially now that I can take it "to go" on my Creative Zen Micro).


My neighbor had a floor furnace fire. I have a floor furnace too! Yikes! I woke up on my vinyl recliner around 5 am Sunday morning to find this outside my door:

Firetrucks at 5:00 AM Sunday morning

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