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Friday, March 24, 2006

...Hello. I'm Here. And by the way.

Read this in Media Notes this morning:

"And one of the most delicious things about the profoundly parasitical world of blogs is that you don't have to have anything much to say. Or you just have to have a little tiny thing to say. You just might want to say hello. I'm here. And by the way. On the other hand. Nevertheless. Did you see this? Whatever. A blog is sort of like an exhale. What you hope is that whatever you're saying is true for about as long as you're saying it. Even if it's not much." - Some lady named Nora Ephron who directed a movie once.

I don't parrot Nora Ephron's views on much (mostly, because I don't know much about them), but this quote really gets at what blogs are about. "...hello. I'm here. And by the way." That's a great name for a blog.


Got my haircut. It looks much better with my newly shorn cheeks:

New Haircut


I found out about this amazing invention! I bought me one last night. It will revolutionize my life in fantastic ways! It is amazing! It's called a:

Niji Waterbrush

And it's used to do this thing called "Sketch Crawling". I can't wait to try it this weekend:



Also, since I love 'aught', our local big-shot museum the Chysler Museum of Art has a "Collecting the Impressionists" exhibit starting tomorrow. Plus they have lots of other good stuff there. I havn't been in a long time so it's time to get over there again. Who's with me?

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