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Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Sweet Pea Honey Bee Em Pe Three (and new YYY's Song)

"What can I say? I often feel like I repeat myself - words cannot express how much you mean to me. I was so lucky to have met you. I am so glad you came to that (guys and dolls) rehearsal and started to talk to me. You are one of a kind. I get scared sometimes that you'll be taken away from me because I love you so much! You have been a rock through our medical problems! You always manage to make me laugh! You really should be nominated for husband of the year! I truly appreciate all you do for me - you're the best! I hope I can do the same for you!. "Heart" you Jaime." -- Hand Written in my Valentine yesterday.


So that made me think of this silly love song I wrote a long time ago. So last night, after dinner at Nicks Riverwalk in historic Yorktown, VA, I dug out my notebook and figured out a way to sing it. It surprised me, because it takes a disturbing turn at the end that I didn't remember. This is probably not a relationship any girl would want to be in.

Listen to the whole thing to get it. It's short. I'll call this my Podcast #2. You'll have to turn your volume up because I recorded it quickly and had the levels set low. I didn't want to lose the spontaneity so I just left it.

UPDATE MAR 10: Email me if you really care to hear the song.
Matthew Cox - Sweet Pea, Honey Bee.mp3 (3.3Megs)


You MUST hear the newest YYY's song: Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Let Me Know.mp3


My doppleganger Matt (of the once upon a time, Outer Loop) has a record label. He's got some mp3's of his newest squiggly songs. You should really check it out.

Uglyography - Distraction.mp3
(3.00 MB from steamyatticrecords.com)

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