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Saturday, February 04, 2006

Do Grizzley's Dance the Foxtrot?

We went to our first "All Occasion Dance" Class tonight at the Denbigh Rec Center here in Newport News, Virginia. It was SO fun (and we needed some fun after this week). But then I was up late googling gun laws of Virginia and I stumbled on the movie "Grizzley Man" on the Discovery Channel. I had always wanted to see it and I tried to go see it when it came to the Naro Cinema (our local independant theater). But, alas, I never saw it. No doubt I'll fall asleep before I see the end. It's playing again Saturday at 8pm Eastern.

But in between my flipping one channel down to the "What Not to Wear" marathon (Stacy London..........), I notice this guy who lives with these Bears.......I forgot what he said that made me want to blog...... I love Stacy London a whole lot less than I love this woman of mine. She's strong. We'll get by. What the heck did that Grizzley guy say that made me want to tell you people something????? Instead I look pathetic...Stacy London made me forget. I have a thing for sassy big-mouths. That's a compliment honey; Remind me to delete this in the morning.

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