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Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Strokes Reviewed in Slate

From Slate dot com a review of the new Strokes album.

"I want to steal your innocence"
I'm putting myself on an all Strokes diet today. (Except for a few bouts of the Carter Family) I will listen to all three Strokes albums at some time today.

Favorite Strokes songs? Um, there's too many good ones. I Can't Win is way up there. Barely Legal from the EP. Last Nite. 12:51 is great too. Alone, Together. So many.

And I really like Juicebox from this new one. Jaime and I spent our holidays just randomly saying "Standing in the light field, standing in the light field" and then the other one of us would call back "Waiting for some action, waiting for some action."

We're Strokes fans.

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