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Monday, January 30, 2006

My Picture in the Papers

Well, they published the article on weblogs in the paper. They picked a nice picture and wrote some nice things about this little place I have here. My little place to take a stand.

(I was typing this post as he was snapping away.)

I wore my beard t-shirt, and I told them they should talk about the beard contest. So if you are coming here from the daily press website. Check out whiskerino2005.com. Fun stuff, even if you don't have a beard.

It's up, today only, at www.dailypress.com. But here's a copy/paste on my part of the article:



First there were Web logs, now there are video versions. Local bloggers tell us which are particularly entertaining.

By Lisa Deaderick
Daily Press
January 30, 2006

Photo by Kenneth Silver/Daily Press.

Rock n Roll in the Real World by Matthew Cox

Where on earth: Newport News

And in cyberspace: www.keyofe.blogspot.com

About: Lots of music with some television, movies and funny cartoons tossed in.

Comments: People tell him how much they like his posts and music choices. He's even beginning to get a lot of e-mails from people in promotions about music and videos online that they think he should check out.

Coming to video? He'd love to, though it may not be steady like Rocketboom or The Richard Show. He just doesn't have the Web space to store video yet.

Bookmark factor: Medium to High. What's nice about Matthew is that his blog isn't just an excuse to see how many acerbic one-liners he can come up with. When he really likes something (NBC's "The Office"), he gushes endearingly. When he really doesn't like something ("The Family Stone"), his disdain is quick and to the point.

A little about Matthew

Age: 28

First computer: Tandy 1000

Time to post: Not every day, more like three times a week; posted every day when he has something to say; started out planning to post only once a week

Some favorite blogs: stereogum, pink is the new blog and relativediamond.com

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