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Monday, January 16, 2006

Morningwood Shuffle Test

Capital records is pushing Morningwood on the world. I tried to check them out a bit ago and was unsure about them. Then the album came out and I tried to listen to it. I tapped my foot, but, again I wasn't sure what to think. The styles bounce around. Televisor is cool rock n roll. Nth Degree is nu wavey. New York Girls is catchy. Take of Your Clothes is embarrassing. Body 21 is actually a Ashley Simpson cover I think.

So what I did Saturday morning is pull the ole shuffle test. I logged in to my trusty Rhapsody Player and queued up Patti Smith's Horses, Morningwood, and the Donnas first CD. Remove any of the known weak songs. Then shuffle away.

This type of test is a sure-fire way to tell if a CD sucks or not. It works like this: Of course Horses is awesome. Birdland, Gloria, Kimberly. Great stuff. The Donnas first album is a brilliant work of art that stays in my rotation to this day. I Don't Want to go to School No More, Get Rid of That Girl, I'm Gonna Make Him Mine. (The backup vocals on "Lets Go Mano" cannot be created in any studio by even the best producer. It must simply be captured in the moment. The excitement of this teenage girls rock'n and rollin'. It's so amazing when I hear those screaming back-up vocals "M! A! N-O! LETS! GO! MA-NO!")

So with this line-up in shuffle mode, you find out really quick if Morningwood sucks or not because you'll be pissed off that some crappy song is interrupting the good stuff. So, what of Morningwood? They passed. They change styles for each song ("Easy" sounds like it's trying to be an American Minor southern rock song) but my foot kept tapping so that's good enough for me being that it's winter time here in America.

Here are the two songs off the album. If you like them, buy the record and enjoy.

Morningwood - Televisor.mp3

Morningwood - Everybody Rules.mp3

For you Rhapsody folks, here is the shuffle test playlist:

Donnas Patti Smith face off with new Morningwood

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