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Friday, December 30, 2005

New Nellie McKay Song

Hey, even if the lyrics are bit...eh...hacky...er...on the nose...or...something I can't quite place, I'd like to compliment her since, when I first heard this song, I listened to it three more times (for a total of four in a row). It is kinda hypnotic that way.

It's streamed from Sony's website:

Nellie McKay (nay Nelly Mckai) - The Big One (real media stream)

Quicktime stream as NellieMckay.com.

Plus, according to her website, she has 6 songs on the "Rumor Has It..." soundtrack. I wonder if they are any good.

And I wonder what happened to NellieMckay.net? It went away a while ago. It had a libertines article up for a while. Maybe she wrote that article, but I wasn't sure. Now it's just a black page again.

Nellie's new album comes out Jan 03.

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