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Monday, July 18, 2005

Blast from the Past: Mucky Pup

In my younger and more formidable years, I was a skateboarder. I still am actually. They opened a little indoor skatepark one town over, and I can't wait to check it out.

Anywho, Back in the early nineties I was somewhere around 13 and I was listening to a lot of De La Soul is Dead, Nevermind, Death Certificate, They Might Be Giants, and somehow a friend had a tape of this band called Mucky Pup.

Very obscure. I lived in Germany at the time so how we found this tape I have no idea.

We listened to this album so much! Very heavy skate-rock sounds. 15+ years later I wanted to see if I could find out what album it was and if I could buy it. The fella at Relative Theory helped me find out that they had a website! And, not only that, but you can listen to all their albums!

The one we used to listen to was apparently called "Can't You Take a Joke" and it is exactly how I remember it. I was jumping around and FARrrreaking out with the biggest smile on my face. It was always like....like I wasn't sure if I dreamed up the band and I couldn't believe that they existed.

You can listen to "Can't You Take a Joke" if you want to by going to here.

Mucky Pup Audio Jukebox.

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