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Sunday, May 22, 2005

SNL, Season Finale

I once stood in Studio 8h. Just me, no one else. An intern for Conan O'brien showed it to me. I stood there in 1996 and looked at "Home Base." I coulda died right then.

Right this second (as I type), SNL is up to Weekend Update on the season finale, and, well hell, this is funny show so far. That "America's Top Model" thing was so spot on...that Maja Rudolf is Way, Way under-rated!

But anywho, Lindsay Lohan looks disgus....oh crap, the "Prince Talk Show" is coming on. What do I care about how little Lindsay eats and how hot she looked before (and NOT HOT now), Fred Armison and Maja is on. I must go.

I hope the Brilliant Will Forte does something even half as great as that "Pepper Sketch" last week!



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