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Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Got my Redwalls tickets

Patty was great as always, but she didn't sing hardly any songs we knew. Lots of new ones which was cool, but we couldn't really sing along to them. Afterwards, we walked over to Relative Theory where Jaime bought the new Soundtrack of our Lives and Raveonettes so she can listen to them at her work.

I also bought my Redwalls tickets. Only 5 bucks!! How can I miss this? It'll be worth the hassle of driving overnight. The Redwalls in this awesome, cozy venue for only 5 bucks. Thank you Eric!

And thank you ChicagoMonkey for pointing me to a new Redwalls tune!


Patty. Just another of the hot old ladies that I've been finding attractive lately. First Amy Sedaris, then Maureen Dowd, and now sweet, sweet Patty. Posted by Hello

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