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Wednesday, May 18, 2005

(Double) "I" Before "E", 'cept in Rhapsody.

myroommatehasabeard.com (thanks Melinda)


So Thursday is the Biirdie show at Relative Theory and I'm going to try my best to make it. I typed "Birdie" into my Rhapsody player and some cool music came out. The kind of indie pop music that is really... fits-into-Garden-State-esque. But......did you notice what I typed wrong??? The band Eric is bringing us at Relative Theory, Thurs night 8pm is (pay attention to the spelling now) B-i-i-r-d-i-e. and is not the same band (although they seem to have equally cool music) as the band that shows up on Rhapsody when you search for B-i-r-d-i-e. But, alas, B(double i)rdie don't show up on Rhapsody.

But the Arcade Fire finally got added!

EndingEast has Biirdie mp3s. And more. Bookmark.

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