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Thursday, May 26, 2005

Cool New Songs

So, check these cool new tunes out.

This fella emails me and asks me what I think of his songs. I get these emails sometimes. People point me to an mp3 and I listen. Sometimes I don't care for it, other times it catches my hear and then I tell you about them. This one is pretty dang catchy:

Soft - Droppin'.mp3 (6.5 Megs)

Check out their website, www.thebandsoft.com, sign up for their email list and they let you download full versions of their other stuff. Pretty cool. Their other songs are pretty good too. Check it out this weekend.

And then, just this morning I get an email from a girl named Bullette. She says she cried during the Elvis thing too. She's got her entire album ready to download here. And I've only heard the first 5 songs, but I really like it so far. You should def. check it out 'cause at least the first 5 songs are good. It's like singer-songwriter, but late-60's harmony sounds, and cool instrumentation all together. I'm gonna listen to it some more.

Here is a direct link to one, but you can get the whole album at her site:

Bullette - Show Me.mp3 (6.4 Megs)

Thanks for letting me know about your good music Soft and Bullette.

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