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Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Art Brut 87 - Top of the Pops

So when I made my Art Brut 3.14 cover of Art Brut's awesome "Formed a Band", all the Brits (whose election day is coming up) keep taking about "TOTP". What the living heck is "TOTP" supposed to mean to a southerner? A US of A southerner? OH!! I found out it means "Top of the Pops". And the only freakin' reason that I know what the heck "Top of the Pops" is is because I bit-torrented a Yeah Yeah Yeahs live version of "Pin" once and when the video starts it says "Top of the Pops. Yeah Yeah Yeahs. Pin. 25".

So maybe this show is like a Top 40 countdown with Shadow Stevens. That would explain the "25". But if the YYY's were number 25 that night, how long is this show? They wouldn't have 25 live acts on?

Well, anyway, the point is I don't know what the heck Top of the Pops really is except it's a TV show, and the name of an Art Brut song. But what's this Art Brut song sounding like? I wouldn't know because I've only heard the Art Brut songs on iTunes. "Top of the Pops" isn't there and I don't know if they have a proper recorded version of it. I think it's just a song they do live.

Anywho, one of the Brits that has an Art Brut franchise called Art Brut 87 has a wicked cool version of this "Top of the Pops" song. Read more and listen to "Art Brut 87 - Top of the Pops" here.

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