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Thursday, May 19, 2005

Anakin is NOT Luke's Father!!

I did the crazy midnight show thing last night. I'm beat! I had to get up and go to work and I've had a busy day so far. I'm gonna nap like never before this afternoon!

I really, really dug the new Star Wars thing and seeing it with all the nerds who clapped and cheered at everything Yoda did. It was quite an experience with the 24 multiplex filled to capacity, all watching the same movie at the same time. Plus popcorn, hotdogs and bottle sodas were only a buck each, so that was just gravy on the mashed potatoes of a fun night.

Oh, and whilst waiting for popcorn, Regina Spektor's "Us" played over the "AMC Radio Network". And that seemed like the creamy butter that went with the gravy on the mashed....oh I'll stop this wretched simile right there.

PS The title of this post is meant to screw with those of you who came here from Webnymph. Suckers!

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