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Sunday, April 24, 2005

Fully Cured

Whew! Finally! I feel normal for the first day in more than two weeks! I declare myself fully cured (like a real "Virginia Ham").

I talked about being sick and being healed, but I wasn't better at all! I was having really freaky panic attacks all week. I think those antibiotics messed with my head. I was nervous all the time and would start crying for no reason! It was the weirdest week ever! I'm SOOOOOO glad it's all over. I feel normal again, thank gosh!

I think what finally cured me was the Married With Children marathon viewing session I engaged in yesterday. That's one great show. Especially the early episodes where Peggy and Al actually are sweet to each other. I also watched Mr. Show a lot. "Sad Songs are Natures Onions!"

I went and saw "Fever Pitch" and I really liked it. Jimmy Fallon didn't suck at all, and it made living in Boston look bearable. Ohh, This Week with George Stephanoapalous??? just started. I better go.

Oh, I bought Like a Rolling Stone, Bob Dylan at the Crossroads by Greil Marcus. It's alright. But I'm only half-way through it and they had to do all the putting-the-song-in-context it was the 60's and how different a world it was and all that crap. So it's just starting to talk about the actual recording.

You can hear a NPR story on this book and an interview with the books author at this NPR site.

Here, because I'm a huge nerd, is some outtakes from the Rolling Stone recording session.
>Bob Dylan - Like a Rolling Stone (Outtake #2).mp3 (1.8 Megs)

This take is interesting because the song is in 3/4 waltz time. Listen to this take and count it, 1-2-3;1-2-3;1-2-3 like a waltz.

then listen to this one:

Bob Dylan - Like a Rolling Stone (Outtake #3).mp3 (2.2 Megs)

This is the take that the excerpt at the NPR site talks about where Al Kooper has snuck out and sat down at the organ (and lets face it, the organ really makes this song). You can hear the producer, Tom Wilson say "Hey what are you doing there?" and Al starts laughing. I assume this is the first take with Al at the organ and, as I said before, the organ makes this song. Also, the song has switched to 4/4 time, 1-2-3-4;1-2-3-4. Also, you can hear that the amazing opening rim-shot of the snare drum is kinda played on this take. It almost sounds rushed like the drummer just thought of it right in the moment.

Now go listen to the final album version of the song and just listen to the beginning over and over..."Pop-boom, blaaaahhhhhh, blannah, blannah, blaaaaaahhhhh...."

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