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Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Slate Article on Gender Equality and Restrooms

Slate article on gender equality and separate restrooms.

Working as a janitor to pay my way through college I can confirm that, despite Yale's opinion, women's restrooms are much, much messier than the men's. Like an episode of CSI, I was never there to witness the crime, but only able to deduce her actions from the results.

The reason woman are more disgusting? I think it's because they hover. It only takes one uber-germ-o-phobe to leave their mark on the toilet seat, hovering over it in a Neanderthal squat, buttocks inches away from the white porcelain semi-circle.

Sometimes I'd wonder if the girl wasn't laying on her back trying to lob the turds up and over the rim. That seems the only explanation for that unfortunate memory.

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