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Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Regina Spektor's Big Push

1st: nelliemckay.net says Nellie McKay is going to be on Broadway with the A-mazing Alan Cumming (Dog Show: "Mr. Bojangles you have a drinking problem!")

2nd: Blogger swaps chocolate with Scott McClellan. Has much trouble getting white house "day pass" ala Gannon: FishbowlDC


But, further, Regina Spektor is getting her propers from Sire Records aw-uh. Read this cute story about her first seeing her head in a Tower Records window:

Hi everyone...
First of all, i almost gave myself a heart attack today, when i walked by the Tower Records at Lincoln Center... there it was- a huge lit up cover of Soviet Kitsch in the window of the store... and i gasped, and then i felt totaly naked, and everyone was walking around me on the street, and there i was, and then there was the me on the big window... weird and strange and so fascinating and confusing and yet so very exciting and all that other good stuff, etc., at the same time... how does that work?

Second of all, Warner Bros. let me know about a certain misshap with the art work on the DVD...nothing too frightening (the record sound/sight/smell is perfectly as planned...) but i was asked to sit down before they told me... Long story short- the color of the DVD disk label is the wrong color, and not how i wanted it, and though i proofed everything a million times, this kind of stuff still happens, and it's nobody's fault... Sire and WBR felt real bad about it, but they got shipped to many places by the
time they realised, and so it was too late. They made 10,000 with the wrong color... what's the point of all this you may ask?

well, simple... i thought i'd let you know that if you get a white background on your DVD (it still has all the same info- just the background color is different) don't bum out... because if i ever sell more than 10,000 records it will be a fun collectors thing...

oh, and if i never sell more than 10,000, then i, myself, will be a fun little forgotten collectors thing... so either way, you win:-). i hope you enjoy the record...

Also, if you, unlike me, own a TV, tune in to Conan O. on March 10th...

And, if you can, come to my show at Bowery Ballroom on March 30th. Sean Lennon will be playing the show with me, and i can't wait. He's lovely, and we talk about how freaked out we are about playing this show... it will be nice to see your lovely faces if you are free that night... yup.

Most importantly, though, i wish you all the best, and hope you have fun living, breathing, clicking on things, petting things, talking to things, hanging things up to dry(an underrated fun activity...) and loving things... hip hip hooray~

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