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Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Psycho-analysis of Dale Gribble

Watching King of the Hill and Family Guy in syndication. Both are really good shows that I missed first time around.

You know I really think Dale Gribble, on a sub-conscious level, is aware that he is not the father of Joseph Gribble. I think it explains Dale's weird behavior. He must believe in his government conspiracies and alien abductions. Only in his created-world can he look past how much his son looks like Redcorn. He never questions if Joseph is his son because he knows the answer. His crazy mindset is a shield protecting him from the questions of others. His neighbors can figure out the truth, but never question him on it because, well, Dale's too crazy to figure it out. But he knows in his heart.

Now here is the kicker. He really, really loves his son. He shows such love and devotion to him. Even though he secretly knows he is not Joseph's real father, he loves Joseph unconditionally.

It breaks my heart to think of it. I'm emotionally invested now. In a cartoon.

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