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Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Finished the Great Gatsby

The first two paragraphs of Chapter two of the Great Gatsby must be the greatest ever written. I finally finished this classic of literature and I highly recomend it.

You can read it online by clicking here.

At least read the first two paragraphs of Chapter two. Gold!


Watching Law and Order tonight and the cook on trial for murder hosted his show in Rachel Ray's kitchen. It was the exact same as the 30 minute meals kitchen she uses. Does that kitchen show up anywhere else?


Mando Diao is coming to America!! And my new discovery the Comas are opening. They are only coming as close as Arlington which is about three hours away (up near D.C.) so It'll be a trek. That's what we have to do to rock it in the Real World. We heart road trips. We had better. We don't have a choice in the Real World. Mando Diao's first album was so great. Their new one comes out soon. Next Tuesday actually. It will be mine.


All you bastards that are flying in to SXSW...you make me want to vomit tears of blood out my eyeballs. The Warlocks will be playing. Delegate is going down to blow minds. Darn it to heck! I need those Google-ads so I can go next year.

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