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Monday, March 14, 2005

Felicia Michaels

what i'm listening to Right Now: Von Bondies - Tell Me What You See

Gaw-dern I still got this Von Bondies in my rotation. Great album.

I spent all friggin' weekend re-doin' the bathroom. Strippin' wallpaper. Horrible, Horrible job. They glued it right to the drywall. It was a nightmare and I still have little bits of paper under my nails. I should buy a scraper next time.

I saw Regina Spektor on the Late Night show. She seemed nervous I thought. She looked great and that red piano was purty too.

Well, whilst remodelin' this weekend I grabbed ahold of my Rhapsody player and listened to some Comedy albums. I listened to Felicia Michaels and I laughed good and hard. There is this rule of threes in comedy, public speaking, etc. For some reason, thing go better in threes. I used to do a joke in my college talent show days:

"My girlfriend is Siamese. They're driving me crazy."

Then I would try tagging it with something like:

"I'm always paying for three movie tickets, three dinners, but in the sack it has its perks."

I was always re-writing and trying to come up with better tags, but the point being that the joke gets three tags. Now, you can always push it out to five tags and it can be funny, but four is never funny and six is right out ("once the number three, being the third number bereached..").

Well this girl broke my made-up rule of comedy in this bit (it has strong-strong language so careful with sensitive ears):

Felicia Michaels - Evil Kneivel.mp3 (3.7 Megs)

This is one brilliant bit, and since nothing makes a joke unfunnier faster than analyzing it, here I go: The rule of threes would apply if you look at the joke as a whole, 1) American (clever) 2) Russian (very clever) 3) Elderly American (cleverer). But then each of these categories is broken into its own series.

1) American: Grand Canyon, Evil Kneivel, echo, penny, splunking, Empire State Building; that's six.

2) Russian: Moscow Circus, Balken states, Chechyen rebels, Hunt for Red October; makes four.

3) Elderly: Broken hip, bridge, republicans, dentures, stubborn blueberry stains; makes five.


So I think I've learned two things:

1) All rules are meant to be broken.

2) You have a lot of time to think when you're stripping wallpaper.

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