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Friday, March 04, 2005

Eric Idle Loves Virginia

Eric Idle of Monty Python fame, and very talented song writer of his own, toured my country last year. I wanted to see it, but something happened and I couldn't go. Well he's got this book out that is a diary of his adventures. In it he talks about the Norva, name drops Bill Reid (the Norva's owner), and opines about moving to Portsmouth. He is very complimentary to our neighborhood. He even name drops Mercury Blvd. Hey, I only live two blocks from Mercury!

He brags about how excited and crazy the Norfolk crowds are. He picks on New Yorkers for saying he would have a hard time in the south (Monty Python first broke in Dallas!).

I found this quote in a university of Ohio article:

""We haven't really made it across mid-America yet. I found Norfolk, Virginia to be quite interesting. The people there were completely nuts," he said. "

So all it all he confirms what I've been telling you all this time. We rock.

I googled around and found this exerpt of his original on-line tour diary that he wrote while he was at the norva:


Day Thirty Four. Sweet Virginia.
Sunday, November 2, 2003 - The Norva Theater, Norfolk, VA.
At some point the news came through that Paul McCartney had been arrested and thrown in jail in Japan on charges of possessing marijuana and Ann reminded me that I instantly got on the phone to the Japanese Embassy to protest this. I demanded that unless he was released at once we would all boycott Japanese Restaurants. That should have scared them. I must have been in to my Dirk McQuickly role. Paul himself gave me a very lovely hug backstage at The Royal Albert Hall Concert for George. I know how much he loved George too. I got email from Liv the other day saying she thought George's performing The Pirate Song on Rutland Weekend Television was the bravest thing he ever did, and she wanted to be a pirate too. Well his dark sweet lady was the love of his life and I know how much he loved her, and a braver, finer, lovelier companion no man could ever find and it breaks my heart to think of these last two years. With The Concert for George (released on DVD on November 17th ) she and Dahni have turned their grief into a remarkable tribute to a truly remarkable man, uniting all his friends in their sadness and turning it into a healing and positive experience everyone can share. The world should be run by people like this


Here is a song by him direct linked from PythonOnline:

Eric Idle - FCC Song.mp3

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