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Tuesday, February 01, 2005

mouse-toed boots

I got some more info on the mouse-tipped shoes from the Jan. 24 post on Popstars Feets. They belong to a member of art brut 4. I went to their website and it might take me awhile to fish through all the pics they had posted, but if there is another pic of those shoes I will find it. In the meantime, keep up the good work Helen.

I figure all I need is some black boots and a paint pen...


The Redwalls are sposed to play in DC tonight. If any of my dear sweet readers is going, check out the merch table and see if they have the new cd, or at least an EP for sale. Pick me up one and I'll pay you back.

You can still listen to their entire first album by clicking Here.

AND, they are sposed to be in Rhode Island this weekend with Regina Spektor! Curse you RI and your infernal 1200 mile round trip!!

Also the Dresden Dolls are sposed to be there. I think I like them. I heard Coin-Operated Boy on the radio actually. I'm gonna check them out a little deeper. You can see the video to Coin Operated Boy at their creepy website. I highly encourage you to watch it.

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