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Tuesday, February 08, 2005

lifehacker techno rundown.

I love the new site lifehacker.com. A daily must.

I also love the web browser Firefox. I installed the Mouse Gestures extention and edited them so that I can use my mouse to manipulate everything. No more "Ctrl-click" crap for me, no sir-ee.

I can't friggin' believe Paul McCartney was actually singing live. His voice was very impressive for an ex-smoker who is old.

Ending East is working hard to bring us good shows in the aught-five (rumors of Morning Theft w/ Snowden in March). Stay tuned to what he has to say.


Got some sad news lately. Nothing I'll depress you with. Just the hand I was dealt so I'll have to play it as it stands. I demand Happy music today and maybe for the whole rest of the week. Combat-the-tears type of music. Like this:

Blues Brothers - Everybody Needs Somebody to Love.mp3 (4 megs) (buy it)

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