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Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Soldier Chant Project

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Command Presence article in Slate

I work on a military base. Here is a picture of the view from my old cubicle. My new cubicle is not that much better, but it's at the end of the building next to the parking lot so I get more sun, plus another neat feature.

My building is an old WWII barracks building next to a mess hall. Every day at lunch time, and as I leave in the late afternoon, the soldiers from the helicopter maintenance school across the street march over to eat. They go right by my window through the parking lot.

For the last few months (since I got a laptop), I've been recording their chants from my car, my office window, etc. I just use GarageBand and the built in mic in my Powerbook. Reading this article is Slate made me want to share this with you. Here is the first chant I recorded way back in November. As you will hear, it is a very impressive sensory experience when upwards of 100 soldiers march by in a perfect step and the sound quite literally surrounds everything and warms your heart. It never stops being unimpressive.

Soldier Chant.mp3 (800K it's pretty small even for dialup folks)

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