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Sunday, January 23, 2005

New Raveonettes and Live Delegate

My buddy Ben turned me on to NPR's All Songs Considered. If you go there, you can hear a new Raveonettes track. I'm looking forward to that release. "Hotly Anticipated" is what the big-shots call it.


I went to Live for the first time last night. Saw the tail-end of Delegate's set. Those boys are tight! Every time I've seen them they impress. I didn't notice it before when I saw them at the Belmont but the harmonies. The guitarist in the knit hat was chiming in at the right time. Their moody sound really worked in that tight, small space of Live (Live got perma-linked over there---> in the Venues section).

Delegate @ Live Posted by Hello

I was checking out Live's site and they mentioned this fella named Benji/Ashley was gonna play his acoustic guitar. I love folk music. He does too, and as a good soldier in the Folk Revolution, I'm gonna try to do it myself Feb. 05 at Sacred Grounds Coffee in Williamsburg. 7-9PM. It's an acoustic open-mike hosted by a musician friend of mine.

Anyway, back to Benji. I really wanted to check him out, but by 12:30 I was getting sleepy (and I still had a 30 minute trip back home) so I split. They kept saying, "Next up is Modern Dance" and they weren't mentioned on the website, so Jaime and I took off. I'm gonna try to catch him at his next show. I liked his myspace.com stuff. You should go listen. Love that Easyrider sample.

It was a good thing I left when I did because when I got back to my car I had a tow authorization sticker and a 35 dollar parking ticket on my 'stang (i.e. my '93 Maroon Mustang). Stoopid Va-Beach! Expecting me to read those no parking signs.

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