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Sunday, January 16, 2005

Killers on SNL

They played Somebody Told Me then Mr. Brightside. Was that hot-pink jacket pleather or the real thing?

PS That Down and Out U.S. Dollar sketch had me a-rolling, as did the brilliant Will Forte's red-faced Hardball rant as Zell Miller. That vein in his forehead was really bulging! Excellent show. I'm sorry I didn't tell you the Killers were going to be on. I meant to mention it to my dear, sweet readers. I also meant to record the show, but I forgot to hit the record button like a dim-bat.

PPS I saw that Topher Quaid movie and I really liked it. Soundtrack of Our Lives was heard more than once as was the Shins and Iron and Wine. And they played this really great song by this guy called Peter Gabriel. It was awesome! It was call Solsbury Hill. It's going to be a big hit if you ask me!

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