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Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Ernesto Stubbs, Jersey City, New Jersey

Productivity has plummeted in the hippest cube in America.

I've been plowing through my archive of VHS tapes recently. I'm looking for the infamous Kevin Nealon Celebrity Impersonator bit with David Duchovny and Gary Shandling. I started googling round and found this A-Mazing David Duchovny site!

The sound is bad, and it's only Duchovny's part but it's worth a look. David Duchovny on Conan.

This site has got all kinds of Duchovny clips. All his talk show stuff, Life With Bonnie, Return to Me, Sex in the City clips, and, best of all, his clips of him flirting with Larry Sanders.


He was also the first guest on the new Late, Late Show last night and they already have the clips up. David on the Late, Late show.

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