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Sunday, January 16, 2005

Dylan at the March on Washington

Dylan was at the March on Washington I've recently found out. You can hear him here: MOW: Medgars Evers Ballad (He starts up at the 11 minute mark if you want to fast forward)

The "I Have a Dream" speech was pretty good huh? Powerful. To think that legal segregation was less than 50 years ago.

Here are the lyrics to the Dylan song.

Odetta was there too. She is actually going to be in DC next Sunday (wellllll, technically she'll be in Vienna) at the Barns of Wolftrap (where I saw Nelly Mckay).

I really, really want to go. I love Odetta. She is amazing.


If you get bored, you should read this guy's great account of owning a Harley XLCH back in the 60's. Love the afro-centric paint scheme with the dual carbs. He mentions a Bob Dylan concert so it kinda fits in with this post.

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