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Thursday, December 09, 2004

Warlocks begat Brian JonesTown Massacre

So here's the thing. I love the Warlocks. Burning, rhythmic arcs of passion pulsating in the gentle morning sun types of feelings for the Warlocks. I bought the Punkcast VCD and am about to watch it again.

Go to that Punkcast link and watch the video. I love that guitarist in the jean jacket. He's playing a Gretsch. What effects is he using with that pedal during his solo (about 3:50 into the clip)? It sounds like a Vibrato and that pedal is controlling the speed of the effect. Or is that a wah-wah pedal that's changing the pitch? I wish I knew 'cause I wanna wail that effect in my spare bedroom. This guy:

Leave me a comment/email and tell me how to do what he does. The solo part and then before that when he stomps this thing and his guitar goes "WhoooooAAAAAHHHHH" and he just bends this one quick note (1:33 into the clip).
So I'm trying to find the Warlocks on my Rhapsody player. They only have one song and a music video. The video is cool, the song is cool, but I want more songs. So I follow the "Similar Artists" links and find this band, Brian Jonestown Massacre. They have three albums on there and one is called "Bringin It All Back Home Again." So that's a great Dylan album so I have to check it out......and I'm Very impressed! It's a country/folk psychedelic blend. Their other stuff is kinda hit and miss so far, but I'm gonna keep sampling some stuff.

So I had heard about these guys before from the Dig movie that is coming out now. It doesn't look too interesting but the website has all this talk about how the lead Jonestown Massacre kid is so prolific and other pathetic descriptions. Prolific usually means "lots of low quality songs that normally don't get released, get released." But this guy is all anti-corporate music so he has all of his Brian Jonestown Massacre stuff on his website for us to download at will. This is very cool.

www.brianjonestownmassacre.com/mp3.php is the name of the site. You can listen to the "Bringing it All Back Home Again" album in its entirety. And I really like this song from another of their albums:

Brian Jonestown Massacre - Love.mp3 (offsite link)

So go watch the Warlocks video (punkcast has lots of cool stuff, new Kimya Dawson too) and listen to some free mp3s.

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