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Thursday, December 02, 2004

Rhapsody indeed

O.K. so you've heard me go on and on about listen.com's Rhapsody player. And it just gets better and better.

First, this fella leaves me a comment one day about how he works for Rhapsody and he and his fellow employees have a blog that has nothing but Rhapsody playlists. You can make a playlist in Rhapsody, then click "Blog Playlist", and it will create a link to that playlist in your blog, and when someone clicks on it, and they have Rhapsody, they instantly start listening to your playlist in their Rhapsody player.

It's called: rhapsody Rock School.

The most recent reason I thought that Rhapsody is cool? They have the entire Nirvana Box Set available to listen to right now! For only 9.99 (and no yearly contracts, quit anytime) I can listen to the entire Nirvana Box Set (well, not the DVD of course).

And check this wicked cool rough-cut of Smells Like Teen Spirit. The differences are subtle, but listen for the feedback. The feedback squeal coming at you as the solo fades back into the last verse on this cut, and the rehearsal tape version of the same song are worth the whole cost of the Box Set, but you can get it now for just 9.99 (and, well, I guess you'd have to have a broadband connection also, so that might add to the price.)

Here is an mp3 of the rough-cut version I was telling you about:

Nirvana-Smells Like Teen Spirit (rough-cut).mp3

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