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Thursday, December 23, 2004

The Raveonettes Christmas Song live

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This just in from the The Raveonettes:

Thank you for your continuous support. To show our appreciation Sharin
and I recorded a live version of "The Christmas" song especially for you!
I pulled out Joe's old Gibson semi-hollow body guitar and plugged it into
my old Gibson Falcon amp and slapped some tremolo and reverb on it and
Sharin and I sang the song right there in the room together. Hopefully
you'll find it intimate and beautiful and we promise we'll continue to
present you with treats like this in the future.

We were putting the final touches on a brand new song called "Pretty In
Black" in Joe's Studio in the West Village and we were reminiscing about
the past year. We're so grateful and fortunate to be able to do what we
were meant to do and that sort of led us to the reason why we're still
here...you guys! Without you we wouldn't be able to put out records and
tour the world and this is our way of giving some of all that love back.

Until we meet again, have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year,

Sune and Sharin

* * * * *

Listen to the song here: "Christmas Song (Live RealMedia)"

Not too different from the "real" version you can hear at Raveonettes.com and I found this article about their new album: RollingStone.com Raveonettes article

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