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Thursday, December 16, 2004

"Bella Lea's First Show, like, ever"

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Maura at Bella Lea's First Show, like, ever. Posted by Hello

So if you live in DC, Go tonight to see Bella Lea. They play in Philly the next night, and then in New York City's Knitting Factory on Saturday.

You Must, Must, Must see them. Let me explain something to you:

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This blurry blob is their guitarist playing his guitar with a Violin Bow! DC, Philly, and NYC, you MUST go see them this week. DC, it's your night tonight.

Maura, the lead singer, used to front Denali (jenyk.com's "most searched band") and she has this opera-trained voice that is killer. Denali's tunes were sometimes too slow for me to really get into the whole albums worth. BUT, Bella Lea fixes all of that! They were like Denali sounding, but spunkier. I was proud to be at Bella Lea's first show ever, and special thanks to Eric for bringing 'em to town.

Opening the show was the lovely Laura Burhenn who Lisa and I got to sign our CD. I also scored a Bella Lea demo, but, sure enough, it's just the same songs you can hear at their Myspace.com site. Go listen to the tunes and see if it's something you would like. Go to Laura's site and hear some of her stuff. She introduced a "new song" that's not on her latest, and it was a great song. I'm going to look out for her EP that she told me she's working on.

I also picked up Joanna Newsom's new one that everyone is raging on about. I like it.

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