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Monday, November 08, 2004

VB's on MNF

I heard the Von Bondies "Cmon Cmon" on a promo for Monday Night Football tonight. I miss that song. I will listen to that album tomorrow in the hippest cube in America. I've been listening to a lot of Ramblin' Jack Elliot, Dean Martin, and Tito Puente this past few weeks.

They are coming to Richmond's Canal Club on Nov. 23rd. With their new bassist no doubt. The Hives on the 22nd. PLUS/MINUS this pretty cool indie band called Saturday Looks Good to Me is playing in Richmond.

Oh crap I just remembered Elefant and Delegate are coming to town on Nov 15 so I better get ready for that one. Check out endingeast.com for some FREE mp3s from them.

That could mean three shows in one month, plus I have to pay for my out of state hunting license in order to kill legally up in West Virginia. All this and I might be buying this little yellow house i'm sitting in. I might have to be a bit tighter with my bread this winter.

Here is a super great song from my childhood:

They Might Be Giants - Dead.mp3 (2.5megs)

Buy one of my favorite albums of all time, They Might Be Giants Flood @ Amazon or iTunes

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