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Sunday, November 14, 2004

Things to Buy; To Be like Me, This past Week

Boy howdy, I love that Amy Poelher (Poler, Poehler????) I'm watching SNL, awaiting Modest Mouse. I'm surprisingly excited as I know nuttin aboot them as live performers. Guess I won't be able to say that after a few more sketches and a Weekend Update.

I felt like being a consumer this past week. Had to do my part to add some spark and vitality to our stagnant economy. For you see, I've been attacked by an intense malaise lately. Something about the chill of winter mixed with the stress of buying my first home, mixed with this stagnant economy....and you can see how this is a vicious cycle.

First up was "Bob Dylan and The Beatles" by "The Blacklisted Journalist" Al Aronowitz. I've linked this fella before (a couple times before, if you're a long-time reader).

Al Aronowitz was the first manager of the Velvet Underground.

Anywho, his Volume One is just a book that contains articles from the website I just linked. His website is the most un-comprehensible piece of bull-shite I've ever "surfed" but with stories like how Bob Dylan wrote Mr. Tambourine Man in his kitchen....well...it's worth the hassle. It cost me 25 (+ shipping) but now I don't have to slog that silly website to find the articles.

"Mr. Tambourine Man" played on the DVD I watched today. It was called "Breakfast with Hunter." Ahhhhh, I have seen the Owl Farm.

The best part for me (a guy who is reading The Great Gatsby for the first time (a printing from 1953 though)) was the "extras" menu with excerpts of the editing of "Fear And Loathing in America". "The Proud Highway" is better though (although F&L in America opens with the great "year of the hippy" article in which Hunty declares "Mr. Tambourine Man" to be the hippy national anthem).
Holy crap, this "Deaf Comedian" premise on Weekend Update is brilliant!!!!! Maybe not funny, but smart. You can't always get what you want, sometimes you get what you need.


O.K. Well I've been wanting to post this Enrique Iglesias cut, but now I've been talking about Mr. Tambourine Man all through this post. But Mr. Tambourine Man is 6 megs and I don't have 6 megs free right this second....BUT I remembered this review I wrote for Snap and Clap that ended up not running, and since I worked hard on it and would hate to see it got to waste, here it is:

Dylan at the Norva - Review.rtf Rich Text Format (5Kb)

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