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Thursday, November 18, 2004

Test, Test


Alright, so this Rhapsody player is pretty cool. It hasn't got any less cool since I typed the same statement a few weeks ago. After Mr. McGirt died, they had an ODB sampler right up on their homepage. That's pretty cool dope fresh.

They don't have everything of course. Like when I want to hear the rest of the Arcade Fire album, but they don't have it. But they did have Elefant which came in handy recently. And they have some Mountain Goats, Fiery Furnaces, and Ted Leo (almost everyone on this top 40).

So Rhapsody has this feature wherein you select "Blog Track..." and it sticks that link up there. If you click it, you can see what track I was listening to this morning, shortly after dressing. If you are a Rhapsody subscriber, you can click on it, and low and behold, it'll play that song. Any other Rhapsody folks out there?


Here's a track for you non-Rhapsody folks:

Enrique Iglesias - Don't Turn Out The Lights.mp3 (3.1 megs)

"Don't Turn Out the Ligheeeeeeeets. Eyauo-Eyauo-Eya."

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