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Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Pics from the Hives Show

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Ready to Rock? Yes we are. Posted by Hello

The real surprise of the night was discovering The Rogers Sisters. Posted by Hello

See how much the bassist guy was jumping around. He was great. At first we were upstairs sitting at one of the tables. They went on and they sounded bad. The sound sucked. But when we slipped back downstairs, low and behold! Bass!! You couldn't hear it right upstairs. Downstairs was better and the way they were all into it and the way each of their voices swirled around a song was great. I bought their CD at the merch table. They were all there. I should of had them sign it. Posted by Hello

Howlin' Pelle Posted by Hello

We were wipin' Pelle spittle off our brows we were so close. Jaime gave him a high-five. Posted by Hello

They were in their snappy suits. I don't know how they put on that much show every night, but I'm glad they do. Posted by Hello

The crowd was singing along to every song. They were louder than the band, and my ears are still ringing...from the sweaty high school kids yelling in my ears! I'm hoarse from yelling, and my leg muscles hurt from jumping around. I'll never get too old for this.

Here is a Hives number I like off their recent album, Tyranosaurus Hives:

The Hives - A Little More for Little You.mp3 (2.1 megs)

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