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Sunday, October 24, 2004

"News" my arse.

Well, I've been to washingtonpost.com, Nytimes.com, nypost.com, and news.google. They all lead with the 40-plus Iraqi soldiers found dead. NO mention of Ashlee! This is an outrage! Where is the "News" they all claim to deliver? I've been watching "Headline News" for an hour, and not a mention. OUTRAGE!

OK, Ok, more seriously...why the 'ell hasn't mtv.com/news/ commented on this yet? I don't expect their current ratings star to be trashed by their own site, but at least a mention. This is the internet. It's 2pm. They should have all this info up by now. You don't have an sys-ad that can post up a little update from home?

It's mtv.com. Mtv. What a joke, huh? I try to hold out hope for 'em, but this is unforgivable.

I typed "Music News" into google and hit the first five websites. Not a mention. This is SERIOUS! The Mountain/Pacific time-zones didn't see the truth. They need to be hearing about this in the entertainment section of nytimes.com. It that damn liberal bias over there at the grey lady. And if we can't count on nytimes and washingtonpost.com, then we should be able to count on rollingstone.com (at least for our entertainment news).

I even tried eonline.com and Naturally! No mention. It's true. Blogs have trumped the media. Somebody please point me to a "Lorne has no comment" article somewhere.

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