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Sunday, October 24, 2004

Let's go to the videotape!

The "Internets" are a-wash in Ashlee shandenfrouda (too excited to spell chick--Har, Har)

Stereogum's comment section has proven to be a boon to us who delight in the pain of others.

Instead of making you go through all 50-plus (at post time) comments, here is how to get the clips of the greatest television moment of the century.

First go to my new favorite website: amysrobot.com and you can get the video of the lipsync flub. Also make sure to click the "disecting the clip" link in her second to last paragraph for a plausible analysis of what happened technically.

I don't have enough space to host that big clip, but since Amy only has the audio of the "apology" clip, I will host "The lie" clip for you:

Ashlee_snl_aftermath.mpg (3.5 megs) (and it's mac friendly (since I'm typing this on my new powerbook).

Also, in the stereogum comments, I learned that the West Coast broadcast edited out the vocals in the flub, so California/Colorado viewers just saw the dancing-monkey hoe down.

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