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Sunday, October 24, 2004


What the 'ell. I just flipped to foxnews, and they said, "Stay tuned" for a Ashlee Simp. SNL story. Fox News!!! That's who I have to depend on!


On my earlier point about the media: This is a big, big deal. Much bigger than just a lip-sync snafu. If Lorne Micheals (executive producer of SNL) edited out the vocals for the west coast broadcast, that is Seriously Screwed Up!

This wasn't a potty-mouth slip up, a four letter word that SNL needed to save our (west coast) children from hearing. And this wasn't a Chris Farley's bare butt falling out of his pants. The only reason to edit that performance for the west coast was to save Ashlee some embarrasement from being busted lip-syncing, and to save SNL the embarasement of condoning their artist's lip-syncing.

That's why i'm stewing that Washingtonpost.com has no mention of this incident in the entertaiment section of their website yet. They just had a "Lorne is so great" article in their paper. See:

WashingtonPost.com article on Lorne Micheals


And now these ball-dropping bastards have me watching Fox News to see if they mention anything about the west coast editing incident.

Why am I so worked up about this? I need lunch.

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