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Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Dylan week.

Salon.com: My first time with Dylan

And I bought his book "Chronicles Volume 1" last night too.

Also, Kimya Dawson's newest CD is out. I love her So MUCH!


"Politics is my Football":

I thought Cheney won on style, but Edwards won on substance. Cheney was platitudes, and Edwards was Pithy. But in a pressy debate format, style trumps substance unforch. So Cheney "wins" in a "Politics as Football" sense (although not by the levels the MSNBC hacks where spewing). But Cheney lied a bunch! All politicians lie a bit (mislead is the nicer term), but Bush/Cheney offer the expected exaggerations of truth that all politicians are known for, BUT they also tell big, scary lies. The newspapers "Fact Check" articles are top heavy on Cheney mis-representations this morn.

But the "winner" in a "Political Game" sense might have done more damage to his re-election effort because, I think that any undecides watching last night will give the debate to Edwards. They are looking for substance and Cheney had little to say of any substance. Cheney did made one thing clear, a vote for Bush is a vote for more of the same. Edwards agrees doesn't he?

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