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Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Charley Mingus

what i'm listening to Right Now: Charles Mingus - The Black Saint and the Sinner Lady

Hey! You ever heard of this Charley Mingus fella? He's a jazzy guy. I thought I would sample some jazz on my Rhapsody player this morn.

Miles Davis - Kind of Blue
John Coltrane - A Love Supreme
Charles Mingus - The Black Saint and The Sinner Lady
Quincy Jones - Walking in Space

So I just cured myself of the Mingus and am now suffering the symptoms of profound booty-shake and foot-tap-fever. Thanks a lot Quincy!

When my family got our first CD player in 1990 it was a big deal. I was living in Bremerhaven, West Germany at the time and my dad went a little kayrazy in the discount CD bin at the local PX. He bought that Quincy Jones album and I listened to it a mondo bunch of times. As it is playing now, I am sitting on the footstool in a living room on Adolf-Butenandt Strasse.
I noticed that iTunes has an "Exclusive" Killers song available for download.

Of course iTunes doesn't have the new Kimya Dawson. It is awesome. Get it at your local independent music store.
Well, I don't have a Jazz song for you today unforch. but I was thinking of letting you hear "Mo Onions" by Booker T and the MG's 'cause it's kinda jazzy. The square root of Unforch. = I don't have much webspace to spare today. I only got 2megs. Mo Onions is 3.6megs, and I still wanna keep the Jason Lee/Milk stuff available. What to do with 2 megs?

Well since I as reading that Dylan book last week, and this morn I got an electronic-mail message pointing me to audio excerpts from the book, and NPR has up the awesome interview with the man himself (and you can hear the exerpts there too); well I thought I'll post a Dylan tune that fits into 2 megs.

So here is a song from a bootleg disk circulating that was recorded in May 1961. It's an original song with a cute backstory (read about it here):

Bob Dylan - Bonnie Why'd You Cut My Hair.mp3 (1.6megs)

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