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Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Bad Co Films

what i'm listening to Right Now: Bob Dylan, Live 1966 - Desolation Row

Well here is my review of that Dylan book: I'd trade most of what I have for just your advance for the book, you ungracious "artist."

He spends the whole book complaining that he doesn't want people bugging him. Then stop putting out albums every two years and touring 300 dates a year. Charge me 30 bucks a ticket and have me forcibly thrown out. Boy, I love this guy's pre-66 work, but lets face it: You produced more crap than not over the years.

I hope I never get to hang out with this snooty, rich, ungracious old man. Unless he still has that sweet Nick Lucas guitar. That thing was the greatest bass sound. Listen to his "It's Alright Ma" and hear that "thud, thud" of the bass. These newer L140's have the same sound, but they are pricey!
I shoulda bought that Gibson WM-00 on ebay a while back.

The book did have some great stuff on his early days in Minnesota and NYC. I guess I'm just bitter 'cause I want more of that stuff. Screw "New Morning" and "Oh Mercy." I want the story behind "Bringing It All Back Home."


While up in Chicago the other weekend, I got to hang out with a movie producer. He works with BadCo Films. They produce a lot of music videos with people like Gerald "Crack that whip!" Casale and Les Claypool and others. He had this awesome DVD that had all these guys had done. Well the website has the videos up too! Pretty cool: www.badcofilms.com.

"Whip It" is still one of the best videos ever.

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