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Saturday, August 07, 2004

Richard Mulder Fan Club

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Hey check it. I feeled so giddy when I saw this.

EndingEast.com points the way to Nike's Skateboarding page.

As a long time 'boarder, I check it out; and what do I find out? Richard Mulder rides for them!!

And you can make him dance when you wiggle your mouse around.

I lived in California for three or so years (military kid), and even graduated from Silver Valley High out in Yermo (class of 95). Then I went to Victorville Community College for a while. I, and so many others, were sponsored by Blast Skate Shop outta Rancho Cucamonga. Rancho Cucamonga is just one town over from Ontario, which is where Chaffey High school was. That was such an Amazing spot to skateboard. Awesome.

Now Richard Mulder was sponsored by Chocolate. And in the high school days, the way to score a nice deck for cheap was to buy it off a sponsored rider. So more than once you'd be at Chaffey, and Mulder would be hanging out and we'd be talking about religion and skating and stuff. "Anybody got a deck for twenty bucks?" and boom.

I still have the last deck I bought off of him right before I moved to the East Coast. I gave my other one to my little brother recently, so I pulled the Keenen Milton, that Mulder was riding that last day at Chaffey, out from under the bed and have been enjoying it again.

The coolest part about the Nike thing, was Mulder's Bio. He actually mentions Chaffey circa '94 as his favorite spot. Hell yeah.

So this all made me want to check-out some World Wide Web skate videos. I found one at Crailtap.com called Oi! Meets Girl. It's in the "Featured Feature" section. It features a Walkmen song too (Little House of Savages).

And Kimya Dawson has a new mp3 up on her site.

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