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Friday, July 02, 2004

You Bastards!!

what i'm listening to Right Now: The Killers, Hot Fuss - Mr. Brightside

Can't I count on you people!? You all know I'm not a complete Killers fanatic, but still, help a fella out.

How come I didn't know the Killers where on Pepsi Smash last night!!?? (where's that interobang key?)

I didn't even know there was such a thing as "Pepsi Smash," but it exists and it's on the WB, and I missed the Hives last week! You people disgust me! I don't watch a lot of WB, but I do read weblogs, and I'm just finding out about this?

No! I have to fess up. I blame myself. My Faou. Jeepers-Creepers people, I dropped the ball on this one good! You all depend on me for all the hot "Mainstream-Indie" info, and I let you down.

The good news is that Pepsi Smash is REPEATING the Killers episode this Sunday, July 4, at 5pm (This applies to local readers, check you local wb station to see if they'll repeat it near you.)

Pepsi Smash has short little videos of the Hives and Killers, etc on their website. I can't believe I missed the Hives!! I'm much more sad about that than missing these Killers.

In better news, a sweet earth-angel has arrived in Hampton Roads and he's...hold on, let me dry my eyes...he's bringing A-mazing groups to town. endingeast.com

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