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Thursday, June 17, 2004


what i'm listening to Right Now: The Killers - Why Don't You Find Out For Yourself

Good times. Steve, the lead singer/songwriter, talked to us for a bit. Joe "imacuckoo" even got a song dedicated to him. He was chatting up Steve and asked him about the rumor of a Sea Monster concept album. Steve said they want to do it, and that they would sing the song that night. During the set, Steve said, "This song is for Joe, who comes to see us anytime we're 100 miles from VA Beach. It's called 'Joe's Sea Monster'." Then, later in the show, Steve said, "This is a new song, it doesn't have a title yet, so lets just call it, 'Joe's Sea Monster'."

Man, they went on late! Too late for a weeknight for us in VA. We all have to drive across bridges and tunnels, and then we swerve a lot and fall asleep at the wheel, and almost kill our loved ones. Needless to say, I'm beat today.

Longwave has a new bassist and drummer. Steve said they were working out great and he was much happier about the atmosphere in the band.

The openers where Norfolk's own Mon Chi Chi.

They are pretty good, but we all agreed with the Daily Press music department that the chick in the skirt (the one on the right) was weak. Maybe she just had a bad day, but she needs to work on her voice more. A drummer practices their drumming, guitarist practice their guitaring. Why don't more vocalist practice their singing. She should record herself singing the songs and think about things like; where to breathe, which words need stronger pronunciation, and how to sound "thicker" instead of so dog-whistle annoying. The other girl though, in the hooded sweatshirt (the one on the left). She was awesome! I'd like to have her song some of my songs. And who can forget bassist "Turbo"? He was the real star of the show. Their drummer was good too.

Their guitarist guys were too self-conscious on stage. It's tough to get comfortable on stage for most anyone. They all seemed like they were playing to their friends more than the rest of us. I think that "friends" shouldn't say things to the band on stage. That's called heckling when a stranger does it, and it's still heckling when a friend does it. Heckling is anything, positive or negative, said to the band that expects a response. So like, "Sarah, sing She Said, She Said!" is not negative, but it's still heckling 'cause the band has to "answer" the statement (the band usually answers non-verbally by not playing the song). Saying, "We Heart Turbo!" that would be o.k. since it doesn't really need any comment or answer. Yelling "Freebird" though, that's o.k. We should all do that more.

Delegate was up next. cool. Steve said that their guitarist was "hot". He said, "I have a girl-friend and all, but I can definitely say, 'that guy's hot'. Like Nic from the Strokes."

Personally I thought he looked just like the guy from Ambulance...but hotter. His hair was the coolest. The are opening for Franz Ferdinand up in DC soon.

Um, I'm rusty with this blogging. So busy at work trying to play catch-up after my vay-kay. Stay tuned. Good summer coming!

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