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Wednesday, June 30, 2004

Inspector 13

"Feet are for Moving, Not for Staring at." BEST Slogan EVER!

TTIKTD has Dirtbombs AND Mountain Goats tracks. Mmmmmm, goat.


I'd like to introduce you to another Killers track Eric posted. He told me that it was on their UK release of Hot Fuss, but not on my USA'n version.

Killers-Indie Rock n Roll.mp3

I'd also like to introduce you to my new favorite band. Inspector 13.

The other day, the bassist of The King and Caroline was telling me of his old high school band...Inspector 13. In fact, it was with Sammy Ponzer, who later went on to the now defunt the Can Utility (Richmond's own). It's now defunct because Sammy is out in L.A. trying to "make it big." Good luck to him. Based on these songs, he deserves it.

They are what Rock n Roll is all about. What you are about to hear was not created by multi-millionaire's in their mansions, but instead, created by kids in their rooms.

I'm reminded so, so, so much of the Modern Lovers.....not better than the Modern Lovers, but that lo-fi, off key singing, with the quirky lyrics reminds me just the same. They also reminded me a lot of Milk (from Spike Jones' Video Days; I'll post them one day).

Here is the song that touched me first, being that I am in the computer business:

"Welcome to the world of computers, if you don't have a sledgehammer by now, you won't make it alive"

Inspector 13 - Computers Suck.mp3

Here is a song about Melissa's Cat (the same Melissa of this King and Caroline song):

Inspector 13 - Baba Keates.mp3

He's screaming "Meeeeeeeeeeoooooooooowwwwwwwwwwww". Another good scream break in this one:

Inspector 13 - On My Way.mp3

And one more, since I had room for it on my server. Enjoy!

Inspector 13 - Shoulda Come Out Last Nite.mp3

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