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Wednesday, May 19, 2004

YYY's Video and Cool Tunes

Oh Yeah! Enjoyin' These Tunes?? See how I don't make it obvious that there are tunes there? See how I make the googlers suffer? They would have to actually read the post to see that there is a nice tune there. But you, my loyal sufferers are rewarded for your intelligence. Thank you for stopping by day after day!

Lots of good stuff out there lately. First off would be my revamp of my "Blogs I Like" section. I was souring on some of them but I got a bunch a great ones now so go explore. Some of them linked me first, and I don't like to just blindly link sites. I link good ones only, and I like all these a lot.

SovietPanda's a great one. He's just going through a little slump right now so go give him some comment induced love. He's worth it. See he points me to awesome stuff like these YYY's videos at punkcast.com. I bought a cool Warlocks VCD off of punkcast a while back. Totally legit place with awesome stuff. Buy the stuff you like (hey, it's only 4 bucks).

I especially recommend you go download the video labeled as "Down Boy" but it's really "Modern Romance" and it's really awesome. Go download it before he fixes it.

Aekituesday points me to some groovy tracks from a band called the 5,6,7,8's (which is the coolest name).

Gramophone gets on the Jem bandwagon. This is the girl I bought the CD for a while back, and this little weblog convinced Lisa to buy it based on nothing but my mention of it. I'm not saying you should rush out, but now you can sample these few tracks and make up your own mind. Enjoy?

Finally, check this awesome tune I'm a Cuckoo posted! It's powerful awesome!

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