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Monday, May 17, 2004

Killers 'Under the Gun'

I "discovered" the Killers opening up for Stellastarr* in Richmond. Besides the songs they played live (which I don't really remember), I have only really heard the three songs on their "Somebody Told Me" EP that I bought from the Merch Table.

UPDATED May 23: I posted a link to "Somebody Told Me" a while ago and you all liked it, so here is another that you will like more. It's my favorite on this three song EP. It's called Under the Gun. Get it while you can. It's for evaluation purposes only....delete after two days...and will only be up for a short time (that way my loyal, daily readers get rewarded, and those casual google searchers lose out).

Seriously though, support good music and buy The Killers - Somebody Told Me over iTunes or Napster. You can also download the EP version of Somebody Told Me on their website.

Remember the Killers will be on Carson Daly tomorrow May 18 (according to their website) or Thursday, May 20 (according to other sources)

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